Penny For My Thoughts - EP

by The Commons

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self-released EP


released April 5, 2013

All music written and recorded by Mia Fernandez, except for "Age of Consent" by New Order and "Honeybee" by Steam Powered Giraffe.



all rights reserved


The Commons California

pop punk riot grrrl disaster

♀mia finch♀

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Track Name: Last One
When I'm alone, I get this feeling
That you no longer want me (your loss I guess)
I'm grieving on what you've done to me
Your reason does not seem clear to me
You're leaving this wrecked and troubled mind
We're sinking; please stop, I'm going blind

I'm losing my own insanity
You're choosing everything that's wrong for me
I'm bruising with purple everywhere
Refusing so much that I don't care

It's crazy how fucked up we are
Don't spare me; we've already gone too far
I've wasted all this time with you
We're breaking; I don't know what to do

Don't miss me; I'm just a memory
Resisting; no need for sympathy
I'm fixing our fucked up lives
I'm quitting; it's done I'm saying goodbye
Track Name: Avenue Rage
Avenue Rage, the street that I call home
A dirty, old home; one that I have known
A never-ending road where my thoughts like to travel through
A rusty, old stop sign where my thoughts stop to think about you
I close my eyes and traffic seems to stop
I close my eyes and the world just comes and knocks
Comes and knocks...

Avenue Rage, a place where I can fit
Avenue Rage, where my thoughts tend to wander for a bit, now
Trapped inside my own mind travelling down the highways I call my own
Can't find the key so I'm stuck here wandering forever alone
Comes and knocks...

Find my way out? No, fuck it I'm stuck in here
No one likes me outside of my head so I guess I shouldn't care
Gonna be trapped in here not wanted by the likes of you
And it's not funny that I'm wanted in here but not wanted by you
Comes and knocks...

And it's not funny that I'm wanted in here but not wanted by you
And it's not funny that nobody wants, no, not even you

It's not funny
Stuck on Avenue Rage
It's not funny
Stuck being average

No, not even you
Track Name: Measure Once, Cut Twice
Fallen down, given up
There's no use talking to you
Lost for words, beaten on
No point trying to get through

Broken me in, now I'm done
No point trying, you always win
Several hits and no misses
Don't you regret the words you've said?

You never think things through
Never for the better
The words you said
They make me wonder

Your thoughts are loud, yet your skull is thick
Quit your talking; you're making me sick
Another insult, another jab
Another pointless night spent sad
Track Name: Comprehensive
Smoking, drinking, sleeping behind your back
I know you've been doing it too
Looking for a reason to fall apart
Don't lie, you've been searching too

I'm gonna skip tonight if that's okay
It really shouldn't do much harm
You can have fun with my runner up
It wouldn't be your first time

I slip out of bed when you're wide awake
Still you don't seem to care
Wrapping your arms around her chest
God, you must be really close friends

Go ahead and kiss her one last time
Don't forget I'll be on your mind
You know it turns me on when I piss you off
Fuck it, let's go at it again

It looks as though the glass is half empty
But I'm still thirsty for more
The two of us are less than friendly
When all we wanna do is score