Not My Problem

by The Commons

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A mix of complete and unfinished recordings.


released April 12, 2014

All music was written and recorded by Mia Fernandez, except for "No Waves" originally done by FIDLAR



all rights reserved


The Commons California

pop punk riot grrrl disaster

♀mia finch♀

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Track Name: Ms. Andrist
I'm the walking talking "pleasure you" toy, I like to go around
Watch me spin, watch me move, I sure am free of cost
I like to please, I like to tease, succumb to your every need
Finch is my name, misogyny is the game... I'm losing

Can't stand your stupid choices
They're always bringing me down
Would you like to fucking switch roles?
You're driving us into the ground

I only have one purpose (use me wisely)
Need a sandwich? A beer or two? In a minute when I get up?
Shower me in diamonds, gold, and rubies; an insult to match my eyes
Feed me your ruthless, toxic poison... It's time to go to sleep

Sex and love made irrational
You're sick, gonna make me drown
Would you like to buy a fucking soul?
Cuz women are so astounded
Track Name: Dull and Dumb
The wave's crashing down on me
Not like how it used to be
Old memories gone out to sea
Left me stuck in fucking reverie

The wave's crashing down on me
I like to think you might not agree
Old memories gone out to sea
My mouth is locked and you've swallowed the key

My feet haven't touched the ground
Been a while since you've been around
My cries are lacking sound
And with time they're starting to drown

Yes, it's been a long time
It's not as if you're still mine
Stop acting out of line
Just when I thought everything was fine

Everything was coming along
I lost my sense of right and wrong
Getting the sense that I don't belong
You were my love, now you're a fucking song

We were the worst thing that ever was
My wrists are still covered in gauze
I feign feelings just because
They're all gone and now my life's on pause
Track Name: Sequoia Paranoia
Like to play bad board games, like to play in Hell
I like to play games, I like to play
I like to watch just what you got for me
I watch, I watch, I watch, I watch what you got
Behind sunglasses I know you
The truth is true, I know it's true

What you want from me won't come easily
I know about you and you're a filthy liar too
Think that I am scared? Guess you don't know that I don't care

Believe me, I know miracles, but I don't have any faith in you
Enrolled in Mysterious 101, come on baby teach me your ways
Wind up and shoot it back to me
Suspect, distrust, I know you're sus
Track Name: Dumb Deal
Stuck with your deal, not sure what to do
Make me keel tryin' to get over you
My lips are sealed when I'm under you
Bark and I'll heel, waiting for my cue

Pull my strings, strings that I wanna cut
Overdone act; I don't even wanna fuck
Get on your knees and prove that you're a mutt
I'm a slutty bitch who's told what to do what

Our dumb deal, dumb deal that we've done
Our dumb deal, dumb deal that we've done
Track Name: You Little
Walking 'round town with a little bit of makeup
Little bit of skin just from the waist-up
Those bedroom eyes are a little bit alarming
Undress me with those eyes, little less charming
On the corner of Mission and Fremont
You little piece of shit, you're too scared to confront me

You little piece of shit, you're too scared to confront me
You little piece of shit, your words get the best of me

Honk a little louder, I don't think they hear you
Little naive girls will just have to make do
Drive up slowly, hidden in the dark tint
Those needy eyes hoping to drop a hint
Oh my mister you sure are enchanting
But you little piece of shit, your comments are degrading

You little piece of shit, your words are degrading
You little piece of shit, don't fucking talk to me
Track Name: Cheer Me Down
Won't you give me a merry, senseless apothecary?
I need someone to wash this down
A new medicament, enough to prove intent
My new man is optimal

Whoa-oh, link me to joyous
I know you can get me what I want
Is that so? Write me up a new mind
I'm telling you to go, go, go cheer me down

Stacks of old receipts, thoughts stuck on repeat
Prescribe me a dose of fun?
Bottles spilling out the drawers, hook me up and then some more?
We're gonna hop until we drop

Give it to me, now you've caught my eye
You'll come to see that I'm not a nice guy
I know you want me to be the love of your life
Oh, let me let me be free, I wanna wanna wanna wanna
Track Name: Cynical Like Me
Sometimes I wish I'd lose support and let the walls cave in
I'd like to feel those wooden beams piercing through my skin
The eerie thought of blood and guts gives me a lot of glee
Too bad your blessed, fragile mind isn't cynical like me

It feels so good to know that I could
Rip you apart to shreds, I would
I wish you were having as much fun as me

I like to set your things on fire and watch them die in flames
Not as fun as conjuring things and putting you up to blame
Let us sink into my bed like a euphoric breeze
We tend to isolate ourselves being cynical like we
Track Name: Love on the Half Shell
You always talk when I'm singing
Don't know what the songs are about
These are true words, please believe me
One second and I'll shout
Reached the crossroads, now in season,
For a fight to sprout
Just remember I'm seventeen
Just a lowly scout

You seem bitter for a young girl
Learn how to make do
Then again, I don't know your world
I'll leave the cynic in you
When I see you, my lips curl
Knowing that we're true
But I know that you're swirling
With feelings that are new

It's too early to bid farewell
So, what do we make of this?
Let's call it love on the half shell
And end it with an ugly kiss

Think about lovely times all night
Too bad they're dead and done
Can we make up out of spite
Our true love anon?
You're getting awfully close to my
Heart and brain, come on
Try to fix this so it's all right
But you're just stunned and numb

You are kidding, you are out of
Excuses and silly notes
I like to think that I'm above
Your anger and stupid bloats
I know that I'm not perfect for love
But we're both a no-go
Tonight's the night, I've had enough
Of constant, endless woe
Track Name: Stock-Still
I see you walking by
Hesitant of what to do
The both of us are shy
Confusing looks all thrown by you
Look the same right to this day
Same old smirk I've grown to know
Running out of things to say
Watch this introvert grow

I don't like you moving on
Still hung up on what to do
Seems the past is too far gone
Please tell me why, why do I want you?

I took down the pictures last week
Fought the urge to light them up
Stupid memories can't get past me
Another heart string you have struck
The idea of us is twisted
So, don't wait up when you go
Momentary glances send me spinning
I guess I'll be the girl you used to know

All we can do is pretend
We're obsolete and it kills me
I don't want to blend in
I can tell you miss me, so why can't we?
Track Name: My Jem
Well, I know, I know I'm shit without you
But it doesn't help me think less of me
Despite all the times you have come through
I'm still fighting for room to breathe
The fact that you made me start anew
Gives me a reason to come clean
Kind-heartedness, constant 'I love you's
The problem's not you, it's only me

To think I reached the end of my road
Make a U-turn and drive on back
You pledged that you would make me your own
You showed me love and I want that

I catch myself nodding and smiling
Every time that you say my name
Wonder what exactly you're doing
Paranoid that you're joking, but who's to blame?
Remind myself that you're not the enemy
Dwelling on this just makes me insane
All these problems point right back to me
I know I'm the villain and that's okay
Track Name: Moonstruck
I just got sick in a brand new way
Your "filthy mind" is a joke
My sickness has a lot to say
Last time I checked, you choked

I killed you in my head six times today
The new high score has been set
God is begging for me to pray
Is He real or is it in my head?

Oh, I just can't place it
Am I wrong or am I gonna die?
So close, I'm gonna commit
A stupid crime and say goodbye
Sometimes I wish I'd forget
The pictures in my mind's eye
Oh, I guess I'm listening to myself

I like to think I'm what you see
A face that looks unaware
They say insanity comes in threes
Three too many I could bear

They're all coming after me
The time has come to succumb
My conscious is absentee
Body is done, high and strung