Know I Don't No - EP

by The Commons



"Major" is the first song of the EP and the first to be released. The rest of the EP is still being recorded/mastered, and will be released before the end of the year.


releases 01 June 2015

All songs are written and recorded by Mia Fernandez.



all rights reserved


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The Commons California

pop punk riot grrrl disaster

♀mia finch♀

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Track Name: Major
I'm tired of being told what to do
We all know that the problem is you
I wanna know I have the right to choose
Payback's a bitch and it's coming soon

I think the grass is looking green
Greener if you stop blaming me
Fuck you for telling us what to be,
What to think, what to say, what can be seen

I can't find the right words to say
When you're treating me this way
I know I'm gonna make you pay
Because I'm still a fucking joke to this day